At the heart of J.Cricket is the woman as protagonist. Feminine energy can move the world from the inside out.

– Jimin Lee

We believe there is an energy in every material that we perceive with each of our senses. Natural fibers resonate with a life force that our bodies recognize and welcome next to the skin. 

Composed of singular pieces of design, crafted in extraordinary materials, J.Cricket garments are consciously created with fabrics that breathe with life energy, cocooning the body in a second skin. Jimin Lee personally travels to regions in Italy such as Como and Biella, discovering high quality textiles – renewable resources that are no longer required for their primary purpose. 

The designs are informed, if not directed, by the fabrics themselves, with an array of silks, cottons, linens, wools and cashmere weaves that are transformed into J.Cricket garments. Each piece of J.Cricket is part of a limited series, offering everyone the possibility of crafting a personal look: a subtle soft power dressing.

All you need is one piece ~
Live the creative evolution